UIScrollView Paging Swift 5

UIScrollView is a boon to UI design in iOS. Many iOS developers still struggle to achieve a perfect scrollview for both horizontal and vertical scrolling. One of the most needed and hard to achieve is that swiping horizontally in a view changes the segment control from one segment to another without appling any gestures but purely used scrollview. In this blog i will explain how to achieve horizontal scrolling. Am done all the things with storyboard file.

Place a view controller in storyboard. And put a view and then place a scrollview inside that view. I will share the view hierarchy of my viewController and try the same.

Part — 1
Part — 2

Place segment control on top of the scroll view(Above the scroll view).

The Layout constraint of view is like human chain concept. Here i can add how layout is added for each view to achieve pagination.

View Layout

For changing segment on scroll is i use an extension for scrollview to scroll specific page of scrollview horizontally.

NOTE: You can use it for both horizontal and vertical scroll.

extension UIScrollView {
func scrollTo(horizontalPage: Int? = 0, verticalPage: Int? = 0, animated: Bool? = true) {
var frame: CGRect = self.frameframe.origin.x = frame.size.width * CGFloat(horizontalPage ?? 0)
frame.origin.y = frame.size.width * CGFloat(verticalPage ?? 0)
self.scrollRectToVisible(frame, animated: animated ?? true)

For segment value change action, we change frame as per the segment using that function in extention.

@IBAction func segmentAction(_ sender: UISegmentedControl){self.scrollView.scrollTo(horizontalPage: segment.selectedSegmentIndex, animated: true)}

To change segment on scrolling the scroll view

func scrollViewDidEndDecelerating(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) {if scrollView.bounds.contains(view1.frame) {segment.selectedSegmentIndex = 0}if scrollView.bounds.contains(view2.frame) {segment.selectedSegmentIndex = 1}if scrollView.bounds.contains(view3.frame) {segment.selectedSegmentIndex = 2}}

Trying above results exact same in the results of above gif. For more queries please leave your valuable comments below.

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