iOS 14 Features — Revision Part 2

Hey guys, Apple officially release iOS 15 on sept 14. Before that we will revise what is new in iOS 14. Here is the part 2. I covered some highlight concepts only. But there are more in iOS 14.

Here are some table of contents for the part 2

  1. LazyVGrid
  2. LazyVStack
  3. scroll to page
  4. Map view — No more additional properties.

LazyVGrid — CollectionView using lazyvgrid

Here i used LazyVGrid to create a collection view look and loaded data for look. Here is the piece of code to design collection.


We can use lazystack as tableview list by adding scrollview to it. Here is. the piece of code just implemented the list

Scroll to Specific cell

Here ScrollViewReader helps us to scroll to specific page of scroll view. Here is piece of code

Map view

iOS 14 introduced map view but unfortunately there is no more properties to change map view. We can use that by initialising Mapcoordinate region.

Now in body init map view with the above lat and long.

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